At sBarkles, we’ve chosen to have the most healthful, unique and current products on the petcare market available to you, our customer.  We’ve spent over 7 years learning what works best for your pet.  By working in conjunction with the local veterinary community, we have also developed a selection of products for your pet who may be suffering any number of maladies. 




All sBarkles food selections are wheat, corn, soy and by-product free.  It is this emphasis on holistic foods that enable you to count on sBarkles- no matter what you buy here, your pet will be fed a healthy meal!


We have a broad selection of food choices for your pet, including:

  • Dry Kibble

  • Canned foods

  • Raw Foods

  • Dehydrated Foods

  • Freeze-Dried foods

  • Raw Organ Meat selections

  • Freshly cooked meals from local artisans


We will work with you to establish the best feeding program for your pet! 




sBarkles is “Treat Heaven” to most pets.  It’s been said that “if you can’t find a treat for your pet at sBarkles, you can’t find a treat for your pet!”.  We have an extremely large selection of soft, hard, grain-free, hard-chewing, fruits, vegetables, baked, dehydrated, freeze-dried, dental, digestive, breath-enhancing…. You get the idea- we’ve got a treat for your pet!!




In addition to great food, we have a unique selection of supplements to assist with homemade diets, correction of eye drip issues, proper digestion, joint care, teeth maintenance and many other issues.  We are here to assist you with your individual pet- one size does not necessarily fit all!




sBarkles toy selection is unique to the industry!  While maintaining standard toy selections (such as the Kong line) we have a unique assortment of hard-to-find chew toys (guaranteed to last a lifetime) and plush items that will survive longer than most if any other products on the market.